Four years after purchasing my home built by Joe Di Staulo Jr., I hired Joe Jr. on another project. I asked him to install an elevator in my home. This project brought on many challenges; however, the hardest was keeping the house in immaculate condition and working at appropriate hours during construction. Joe Jr. was able to accomplish both challenges seamlessly. Joe Jr. did a beautiful job when he installed our elevator. Joe Jr. and his company are very honorable and trustworthy. They always deliver on projects they commit to. Not only is Joe Jr. trustworthy on pricing, he is also trustworthy on timing and action, which is very important in home construction. He left no question unanswered. Not only is Joe Jr. experienced in home construction; he is experienced in special projects, such as the installation of the elevator in my home, and landscape construction. Whenever I’m asked, I would definitely recommend Joe Jr.’s services.
- Sunil Lulla
After doing extensive research, I interviewed Joe Jr. and a local luxury residential general contractor as well as some NYC based firms. I went with Joe Jr. because he was THE BEST in our area. Between knowing all local government-building offices and also understanding what sells and is of real value in the area in relation to homes, he was a real asset. I hired Joe Jr. to knock down a 4,500 ft. home in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. This house’s style was a 70’s Brady Bunch home that was falling apart. We then put in its place an 8,500 ft. home that was modern and much higher tech. It has a project movie theater room, a sauna and bath, a gym, 8 bedrooms and 9.5 bathrooms. It has security, a two-car garage and a back up generator. Our home looks deceptively small, but with its high ceilings and open design, it feels like an art-gallery-meets -Zen home. The biggest challenge in our home was my bright idea of this massive swing door as my master bedroom door. It looks like a massive movable wooden wall. It needed commercial mechanism and extra weight reinforcement as the door is extremely heavy. Another issue we faced was the custom designed bathrooms, using fixtures and faucets in unconventional ways. Joe Jr. had to get a team that could work with these out of the ordinary mechanical and design requests. I love working with Joe Jr. because he is so honest. He takes everything super seriously. And he goes above and beyond. He explained issues and things as they came up. Also he fixed an issue we had during the final phases and post move-in.
- Monica Alvarez-Mitchell
We hired Joe Jr. to build and construct our 25,000 square foot home in Saddle River, NJ. There were quite a few challenges but with Joe’s experience and hard, dedicated work and attitude, we worked closely together and solved all problems. When we first met Joe Jr., we decided to work with him as he gave the feeling of honesty, trust and a dedicated, hard working, talented person. He never let us down and to this day we are still close friends. He is always there at any time to be of help, not only while building our home but also until now, 10 years later. He never lets us down. Building homes can be very stressful, time consuming and can cause lots of problems between a husband and wife due to difference of opinions as well as issues with the builder. Throughout our experience and with Joe Jr.’s cooperation and effort, we never faced such issues. After finishing our house, many of our friends have hired Joe Jr. to build theirs. We recommended Joe Jr.’s services to all of our friends and family.

- Umesh Samtani
We met Joe Di Staulo Jr. through mutual friends. After working with him, we realized he was the best in the area. The best thing about Joe Jr. is that he’s always on hand to give any help or support concerning your home. He still is a fabulous person to work with in terms of contractors. He stays on top of everything. Plenty of people say that building a home is a nightmare, but Joe Jr. has provided us the best experience in building our home. He made the process so easy. Today, 10 years after our home was built, Joe Jr. still helps us find the right person to help with any issue concerning our home. We would only recommend Joe Jr.’s services to our family and friends.
- Ricky and Meera Pamani
A huge challenge we faced when building our home was having to change our plans. We had our house planned already; however, we wanted to find someone who would work with us and create the house we wanted built. After interviewing different builders for my home, we realized Joe Di Staulo Jr. was the right person for the job. We were impressed with his company and his reputation. Joe Jr. was and still is easily approachable. He worked with my wife and me and we were able to work through any issues that came along. We both felt Joe Jr. definitely measured up to his great reputation. 2-3 years later, Joe Jr.’s reputation still stands. He’s still available to help when we have any problems or questions regarding our house. We would recommend his services to anyone.
- Dr. Sethi
After initially seeking Joe Di Staulo Sr. to build my home in 1995, he directed me to his son, Joe Jr. Since then I saw that Joe Jr. was a fantastic contractor. He was very professional and was even available to recommend other vendors to help complete my home. To this day, Joe Jr. is always available to help if I ever encounter any problems. He’s the type of contractor you would want to work with: professional and always helpful. He does a fantastic job and I have never had any issues with my home.
- Dr. Boakye
There were many challenges we faced when building our home. They were mostly difficult engineering and technology obstacles such as building a pool under our garage and creating a nightclub in our area downstairs. Joe Jr. exceeded our expectations. Joe Jr. is the best in the business. He has plenty of knowledge about all parts in the building business. He’s transparent and tells it to you the way it is. He gives advices when it comes to making compromises and give options. Joe Jr. is very sincere and always has the client’s best interest at heart. He’s the only constructor I would recommend because he’s the best in the construction business.
- Ash Pamani
Joe Jr. help custom build our previous home in Alpine, NJ. We moved into another property in Cresskill, NJ that Joe had previously constructed. In our first home, Joe Jr. had no problem working with our architect. Any little issues any person experiences when building a home was handled efficiently by Joe Jr. Usually when working with other builders, we’ll hear excuses when you have a problem. Joe Jr. was able to take care of right away with no excuses. We like that he’s local and reachable with experience from older generations. We’re very pleased with the work he has done.
- Robert & Api Lee
After hearing about Joe Jr.’s great reputation and through the recommendation of a personal high-end architect, we hired Joe Jr. to help build our home in Alpine, NJ. It took 2 years to finish building our home and that was the biggest challenge. Joe Jr. was able to accomplish all tasks and challenges we had while building our home. After 16 years of working with him, his services are and always have been impeccable. Joe Jr. was always responsive to any questions or concerns I had. I definitely recommend Joe Jr.’s services to all friends and family.
- Steven Stark
My family has known Mr. Di Staulo very well over the past 5 years while he was constructing our home in Cresskill, NJ. We hired him to build our family home from ground up and have worked closely with him throughout this process. The biggest challenge in building our house was communicating with various vendors and seeing the project completed on time and up to our expectations. Joe was easily accessible and very understanding of our needs. He setup timelines with each vendor, coordinated schedules for installation and delivery, and even recommended which vendors to work with. He welcomed us into his home to show the work of his references so that we felt at ease hiring them for our own home. We decided to work with Joe Di Staulo Jr. after numerous positive recommendations from past clients. He treated us and our project as his own, which comforted us knowing that we were in great hands. He took care of problems and issues and addressed them quickly and efficiently. If I were to ever build another home again, I would hire Joe Di Staulo Jr. as my builder. He manages the project with such efficiency and structure, which makes things easier for his clients. My family cannot thank him enough for all he has done in building our dream home. To this day, we still have a great relationship with him and think of him as part of the family. Although our home is completed now, we still ask Joe for home advice and he happily guides us. We feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Joe Di Staulo Jr. and highly recommend him to the community.
- Narsinh Desai